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Remember I was chatting earlier about linking challenges to character advancement somehow? Check out Will Hindmarch’s new game ‘Odyssey’ for a pretty dandy thing.

Apart from embedding that changing, developing character straight into the game (it looks like you can pick up Traits or Aspects to describe your character in an adjective & noun kind of way), there looks to be a very nifty little mechanic on the play shots that the difficulty also creates the experience. You try something tough and succeed – you gain the same level/amount of experience. That’s neat! It urges the characters to try bigger, better and more challenging things to learn more as they go.

If I were gamesmastering, I’d be interested to add the previously mentioned ‘Anchored Fate‘ idea, so that every tag, trait or aspect had a physical story element (Indiana Jones beloved hat, or Sheriff’s Rik’s wedding ring). Maybe for every primary or lead trait, the players also get a free contactable NPC, or background?

Cool beans.